Mpilo Royal College Frequently Asked Questions

Health Education and Health Promotion Officer Course Fee Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I register for Health Education Courses?

A: You can register Online at, or download the application form at or SMS or WhatsApp your email to 078 526 1127 to receive application forms and brochures. You can also mail us at or come into our campus of which is at 21 Kruis Street, 2nd Floor Unit 203 Marshalltown, Johannesburg 2107. #LoveAndSupport

Q: How much are tuition fees?

A: Tuition fees for Disease Prevention Practitioner(Health Promotion Officer) Level 3 is R36963.68.  Registration fee is R2 800.

Q: How do I pay?

A: For Disease Prevention Practitioner (Health Promotion Officer) Level 3, firstly you pay the registration fee of R2 800 then when you are about to commence with your classes you pay R10 000 as a deposit towards your tuition fee then you going to pay R2 246.97 minimum monthly installment until you finish the balance of R26 963.68 on your fees.

Q: Which courses are offered?

A: We offer Disease Prevention Practitioner(Health Promotion Officer) Level 3.

Q: Am I required to buy text books?

A: Not at all we do provide a tablet loaded with all study material. You only buy uniform and nursing equipment.

Q: When are graduations held?

A: They are held after 8 months of completion.

Q: Am I offered employment after completing the course?

A: We do assist but we don’t guarantee any job placement ,even though we do assist it depends on your commitment.

Q: Is there extra curriculum activities?

A: Currently we don’t have extra curriculum activities.

Q: Is cancellation of enrollment allowed?

A: Yes it is allowed, If you canceled after 5 days of attending your classes you are not entitled to a refund excl registration fee, If you cancel before you commence with your classes you will be liable to pay 20% CANCELLATION FEE on the deposit and equipment fees that you have paid…After 5 days off attending the class NO Refund.

Q: What will I be called after I graduate?

A: You are going to be a Health Promotion Officer.

Q: What are career options?

A: Mid level course is being developed to bridge to Degree in Health Promotion Officer, Degree in Health Promotion Higher Certificate, and in Social Auxiliary.

Q: Which health industry will I be able to work for?

A: You can work at in Health Care Centers including clinics, Testing and counseling centers, rehabilitation centers, TB Centers, Schools, waste disposal plants, water purification plants,mines, Health Research centers, Cancer foundation, heart foundation, diabetes foundation , food manufacturing industries.

Q: Would I be able to work international after obtained the qualification?

A: Yes you can be able to work international.

Q: Which council are you registered with?

A: We are registered with Quality Council (QCTO)

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