Occupational Home Based Care Level 2

Duties of an Occupational Home-Based Care Assistant

Begin you journey to become Home-Based Care assistant professional!
Start your journey to become a Home-Based Care Assistant professional!!

Course Overview

1. Occupational Home Based Care Assistants provide holistic patient care

  • (i) Checking for vital signs in patients (that is Pulse, temperature, respiratory rate)
  • (ii) Apply universal precautions (that is washing hands, disposing soiled dressings, wearing of protective clothing, dealing with body fluids, personal, patient and environmental hygiene, disposal of waste)
  • (iii) Assist patients with activities of daily living (that is dress and undress patients, Bed bath, Hair wash, mouth care, Care for dentures, grooming bedridden patient, make occupied bed, feeding patient)
  • (iv) Assist with toilet care (giving bed pan, urinal, commode, catheter care)
  • (v) Positioning patients ( that is seating on the wheelchairs, Turn/Move patients up in a bed, sitting up position, care to back and pressure parts, bed exercises)
  • (vi) Assist with patient mobility and transfers (that is moving patients between wheelchair/bed/chair and other transfers, move with and use a wheelchair, assist with the use of a full range of disability aids)
  • (vii) Assist the patient with the storage and use of medication (that is suppositories, Steam and menthol inhalation, administrating eye and ear drops, liquid medication, solid medication)
  • (viii) Care processes for specifically diagnosed patients (that is Mental conditions, Terminal conditions, chronic conditions, Special post-operative care)
  • (ix) Provide pain control and symptom management.
  • (x) Ensure treatment adherence.
  • (xi) Personally reflect on experience and feelings

2. Monitor implementation of the home based care plans
3. Ensuring active participation of patients and households in the management of care
4. Capacitating patients/family/household members in basic practical care skills
5. Refer for further treatment
6. Follow up on the referred patients
7. Reporting and maintaining records patient care
8. Work with other health care teams

Payment Plan

Total fees: R15500 for 6 months and payment options are as follows:

Option 1: Pay R7000 deposit and monthly of R1700 for 5 moths
Option 2: Pay R5000 deposit and monthly installment of R2100 for 5 moths
Option 3: Pay R15 500 and get 10% discount which is R1550
Option 4: Pay R3100 monthly for 5 months

  • Registration fee is R2000
  • Uniform is excluded from the school fees

Practical are done in:

Old age homes, Hospices, Mentally handicapped organizations, step-down
facilities and private based care.

Requirements are as follows:

Grade 9, 10, 11,12, Abet Level 4 or equivalent qualification.



    • Upon completion of the training learners will be issued with a statement of results by the college
      which will allow them to write national examination.


  • Learners who passed National Examination will be awarded Occupational Qualification: Home
    Based Care by Quality Council (QCTO)


Advancement Options